Watercolor.  Following are images of paintings in watercolor selected from a considerably larger body of work. These represent a fair cross-section of subjects and themes that I have explored in recent years.

Characteristically, the imagery and iconography of these paintings reflect the sacred traditions of the Earth, both past and present, and, by extension, they reflect on the sacredness and proliferation of life beyond the sphere of this one small planet. They are landscapes of the nearly familiar, meant to evoke recognition and resonance in the province of the viewer’s inner vision. Above all, they celebrate life and love and the sharing of these gifts.

The images on this site are available as Giclee prints on archival paper. Most of the original paintings were executed on either full sheet (22 x 30 inches) watercolor paper or slightly over half sheet. They can be provided to the original scale, or they can be sized to the customer’s specifications. Each edition is limited to 250 prints. For pricing and to discuss options, please contact World West Galleries, under the management of Peter and Robin West, Washington, Pennsylvania, www.worldwestgalleries.com.

Most of the original paintings have been sold, but a few remain available. Again, inquiries may be directed to World West Galleries.