The Offering

The Offering


“Life is a gift. It should not be disdained or squandered frivolously. So I ask myself the questions, "What do I do with it?" and, "What next?" The questions persist. Accordingly, my life path has taken many turns. If there is a signature characteristic that governs my decisions, it is a fairly simple one. I see myself as a maker. I mean this quite literally, as well as metaphorically.

It is my mission, my job and my passion to make things. This is motivated by loving care for my fellow beings and by a strong desire to share. I strive to express this in the things that I make. To achieve it, I have explored and utilized many media: paint, ink, stone, wood, glass, living landscapes, and the written word. The medium is simply the vehicle; I trust my inner voice to find the road.”

-Jeffrey Moyer

Please note: If you would like more information regarding my background or point of view, please click on the links to RESUME and ARTIST'S STATEMENT.