Jeffrey Moyer

For the sake of cohesion and clarity, the following material is organized categorically rather than chronologically.

Primary Media throughout professional career: watercolor, kiln-formed glass, stained glass, garden/landscape design and writing.

Secondary Media: Sumi/ink drawing, mono printing, block printing, wood and stone carving. 

Elaboration of Primary Media.

Watercolor.  Watercolor was the principal medium in which I worked for over 20 years.  Though I have not kept an exact accounting, I have completed several hundred paintings (of which there are 20 digital images of more recent pieces on my Website; many others are archived on slides) and a greater number of minor pieces (sketches, drawings, sumi, etc,) during my career.  I would describe my style as deliberate and precise, although I frequently counterpoint the hard elements with softer effects.  I regard composition as paramount and also endeavor to develop interconnecting rhythmic relationships among the constituent components of any given piece.

Kiln-formed Glass.  This particular genre of glassmaking has been my principal, though not exclusive, medium in recent years.  I occasionally make functional pieces, but my focus, however, has been to produce work intended solely for display; they are, in effect, “paintings” in glass.  In this respect, I remain at heart a watercolor painter.  Although I have developed and employ a fairly wide range of techniques, I have concentrated, especially, on devising methods of glass crafting that facilitate the production of work that is visually akin to watercolor, thereby preserving a degree of stylistic continuity between the two media.  An exciting benefit of producing these images in glass is the ability to work directly with light, transmitted as well as reflected. 

Since I have only negative evidence to affirm it, I cannot claim, indisputably, that my glass art is unique.  However, I can accurately attest that I have independently developed the techniques and processes I employ.  To my knowledge, there are no other glass artists working in quite the same manner.  I utilize glass frits and powders, as well as other methodologies including fabrication, layering and lamination, torch-work, engraving and enameling.

Stained Glass.  The emphasis in this medium is on natural forms, albeit stylized.  In keeping with this theme, I endeavor to render the individual components “organically”, so that they are separately pleasing as well as contributing to the integrity of the whole.  Since this work is intrinsically delicate, I use the copper foil and solder method of fabrication rather than lead came.  Most stained glass work is by commission.

Garden/Landscape Design.  I include this as a medium, in that I regard garden design, if properly executed, as an art form.  It differs from more static media in that it requires collaboration with nature and one’s clients, and, of course, gardens change through the seasons and over time.  There is always an element of the unpredictable, which may work for good or ill.

Since the mid 1980’s I have executed over a hundred garden/landscape designs ranging from small and Spartan to relatively grand and complex.  For a few of these I have supervised installation personally; for most I have not.  The majority have been designs for private residences; there have been commissions, as well, for commercial sites, churches and one state museum.  Please see my Website for examples.

Writing.  I have included writing as a primary medium since it is close to my heart, it is an aspect of making, and it is a pursuit to which I have devoted considerable time and diligent effort.  I am possessed of a passionate desire to communicate and to share what is in my mind, my points of view, in a manner that is both more explicit than, but also complementary to, my visual art.  Thus I write.  Is it an art form?  Certainly, writing of a certain standard would be classified as such; as for my own work, I leave that for others to decide. 

I have written a series of three books, collectively titled Deep Memory, that I can provide electronically, if desired.  This series will soon be available on the Internet as E books.  Other written material, mostly collections of essays and observations, is available on request. 

Affiliations (past and present).

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (1980’s/90’s)

The Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (1980’s/90’s)

The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh:

Vice President

 Board member – Public Relations Chair; Quality and Standards Chair (current)

The Pittsburgh Society of Artists (current)

The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (current)

The Artists’ Co-op, Washington, PA (founding member)

The Washington, PA, Arts Council

Nominee: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Artist of the Year, 2014

Nominee: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Artist of the Year, 2015

The Art Club.  I list this affiliation separately in that it merits explanatory comment.  Though informally organized, it was composed of a core group of professional artists (Paul Edwards, Ray Dunlevy, Ray Forquer, Jay Stock, John Yothers, Alan Cottrill and myself), as well as a few transient participants, who met usually once per week to discuss art and life in a spirit of critical (and sometimes contentious) camaraderie.  This affiliation was particularly meaningful to me, since I believe these intimate interactions with my colleagues very much stimulated my growth as an artist, and, not least, cemented lifelong friendships. 


The Annual Art Show at the Century Inn.  I co-founded this show with Megin Harrington, proprietor of the Century Inn and hostess of the event.  It has been, since 1989, my principal venue for the exhibition and sale of new and recent work.  Since its advent, it has been a successful and loyally supported (usually 200-400 guests) celebration of both the arts and the greater community.  As such, I believe it would be fair to say that this show has become an eagerly anticipated event in the regional arts calendar, with guests/patrons regularly traveling from as far as California and Texas to attend. 

In addition to myself, we invite 1 to 4 established and emerging guest artists to participate each year, with periodic retrospectives of previous exhibitors.  Among these are a few who have exhibited on multiple occasions.  They include Charlie Pitcher, Mary Hamilton, Ray Dunlevy, Alan Cottrill, Ray Forquer, John Yothers, Peter West and Brody Burroughs.  Other guest artists have been Lisa Platt, Jim and Linda Winegar, Kathy Frost, Duke Miecznikowski, Hugh Watkins and Paul Jay, among many others.

In March 2013, we celebrated the 25th year of the event with a retrospective exhibition including eight guest artists, a few of whom have been involved since its inception.  Approximately 350 to 400 guests and patrons attended the show. 

Colleges and Universities. 

Olin Gallery, Washington and Jefferson College (one and two person shows – twice)

California University of Pennsylvania (one and two person shows – twice)

Bethany College (one person show)

Waynesburg University (small group invitational exhibitions – twice).

Galleries/Other Venues (past and present; * denotes current or recent)

Gallerie Chiz, Shadyside, Pittsburgh *

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts*

Gallery at Racine, Wilmington, NC *

Bird in the Hand, Sewickley, PA

Elan Gallery, Sewickley, PA

Riehl Fine Art Gallery, South Hills, Pittsburgh

709 Penn Avenue Gallery (Pittsburgh Cultural Trust), Pittsburgh *

World West Galleries, Washington, PA *

Artisans, Waynesburg, PA

Artbeat, Waynesburg, PA *

Main Exhibit Gallery, Ligonier, PA *

Stifel Arts Center, Oglebay Institute, Wheeling, WV

Nemacolin Woodlands, Farmington, PA (gallery/shop)

Artists’ Co-op, Washington, PA

Covered Bridge Gallery, Waynesburg, PA

AAP/PWS: multiple exhibitions while affiliated

A Fair in the Park (Featured Artist, 2012) *

Art in the Garden, Washington, PA (since inception) *

W & J National Painting Show (multiple)

Nemacolin Woodlands annual invitational show (multiple)

Three Rivers Arts Festival (juried indoor exhibition)

Various group shows at educational institutions, churches, galleries and other venues

Additionally, I regularly donate artwork to charitable fund-raising events.  These have included the Heart Association, The Pittsburgh Opera, Art for Aids, For the Kids, The National Road Heritage Corridor, The Presbyterian Home and the Bradford House Museum.

 Juror.  I have juried the following:

The Annual Cross Currents Show, Stifel Arts Center, Oglebay Institute, Wheeling, WV

The W & J Regional Intercollegiate Art Show

Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh (new members, multiple)

A Fair in the Park, Pittsburgh (event juror, multiple)

A Fair in the Park, Pittsburgh (awards judge)

The Washington County High Schools Intermural Art Show

The Washington Arts Council Annual Show

A number of in-house shows in local schools

(Unfortunately, a few of these events are now defunct.)

Teaching/Educational Activities.

Instructor, watercolor, Washington Art Association and privately, 4 years

Instructor, landscaping/landscape design, CCAC Adult Education Program, 11 years

Instructor, watercolor, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington, PA, 2013

Presenter, landscape design, Master Gardeners Association/Penn State Extension lecture series, multiple

Instructor, landscape design, Creative Industries of Greene County

Guest artist/lecturer, W & J College and California University of Pennsylvania, occasional as requested

Presenter, landscape design, numerous garden symposia and clubs

Founded and conducted “Garden Group”: an informal educational project focusing on local private gardens of special merit and creative design

Organized and guided an 11 day tour of exceptional public and private gardens in southern England and Wales

Guest host, WTAE Talk Radio Sunday morning gardening program, 3 occasions

Juror/lecturer, area high schools, occasional as requested

Workshops in watercolor and glass, occasional as requested

Placement and Patronage.  I am fortunate in that I lhave earned a livelihood from my art for the past three decades, although, as with most artists, there have been lean times as well as good.  I have been especially privileged to enjoy the patronage of a few loyal and enthusiastic collectors, as well as a more broad-based clientele.  As such, most of my sold work is in private collections.  I have placed work, also, in several corporate and professional collections including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Industrial Gasket and Shim Co., Inc., Four Star Pizza, Inc., Markovitz Dugan and Associates, and Heintzman, Warren and Wise. 

Press.  For recent press coverage/articles please see the News page of my Website.